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B2B Sales Optimization

Elevate Your Sales Performance,
Drive Growth

At Outsell, we specialize in helping founder-led B2B tech companies optimize their sales processes and build high-performing sales teams. Our strategies are designed to overcome growth barriers, enhance sales performance, and significantly reduce the time founders spend on sales activities.


What is it?

We help founders involved with or leading sales develop a strategy to improve sales performance, build scalable structures and processes, and reduce or eliminate the time founders spend on sales.

How We Do It

Sales Process Optimization:

Streamline and enhance your sales processes for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Sales Team

Provide comprehensive training to equip your sales team with the necessary skills to excel.

Sales Team

Consult on how to recruit A players to transform your sales force.

Sales Collateral

Improve your sales materials to better engage and convert prospects.

Sales Leadership

Offer ongoing support and guidance to your sales leaders.


Review your existing deals and advise on sales strategy per deal to improve CVR, increase sales velocity and ACV

Delivery Methods


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Your Fractional sales director

Your growth team is led by a Fractional Sales Director who is a senior partner with extensive experience in sales strategy and leadership.

They work closely with your executive team to identify problems, prioritize solutions, and implement effective strategies.

We only work with clients we know we can be successful with, which is why 90% of our new business comes from referrals.

We excel at working with founder-led businesses and only work with 15 clients at any one time to ensure the highest level of service and results.

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