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Outsell is a small team and that is how we will keep it forever. To deliver great results for our clients means we do things that aren’t scalable.

Every client’s strategy is 100% bespoke, designed by our founders Henry and Richard who oversee and lead all client strategy sessions during our extensive onboarding and throughout the campaigns lifecycle.


Process matters but the people guiding the process and inputs is more important. We believe that our experience as Entrepreneurs is critical in helping our clients achieve success. As such you will only ever work with Richard or Henry.

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Clinton Merrington

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Kameko Jeenes

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Verushaka Sigamoney

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Sonique Smith

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Genevieve Berold

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Josephine Troy

Data analyst Team

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Dane Blunt

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Andre Pletni

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Richard Walton

Founder & CEO
Richard is a sales and management thought leader, keynote speaker, leader for sales training seminars and highly experienced CEO and Sales Director. He has over 25 years of proven success across multiple industries around the world and has personally built and managed sales teams from the ground up to over 35 in size. Having built a number of companies as an entrepreneur he has a deep understanding of how sales leadership can provide critical strategic insights whilst also offering the most cost effective and fastest way to improve your bottom line.

Henry Walton

Partner & Growth Consultant
Henry is a dynamic Growth Consultant with over 10 years of experience propelling businesses to new horizons. Renowned for seamlessly merging data-driven insights with creative strategies, He has a proven track record of optimizing processes, expanding market presence, and unearthing untapped opportunities. As technical as he is creative, henry works best when working directly with CEO’s and Founders, helping to translate their vision into tangible and scalable outcomes.

Rebecca Cameron

Operations Manager
Rebecca is an highly accomplished Operations Manager, leveraging extensive experience in B2B lead generation to streamline operations and achieve exceptional client outcomes. With a talent for devising strategic processes, Rebecca excels in driving cross-functional collaboration, exceeding performance targets, and staying at the forefront of industry trends. Her commitment to innovation and communication ensures clients receive a competitive edge and unmatched results.

Clinton Merrington

SDR Performance Manager

Clinton is a highly experienced SDR (Sales Sevelopment Rep) who now looks after our small team of highly skilled SDRs or as we like to call them PRM (Prospect Relationship Managers).

Clinton brings a wealth of expertise in cultivating high-performing teams and driving revenue growth. With a proven track record in optimizing lead generation strategies, he guides his team to exceed targets and deliver exceptional results. Clinton’s strategic mindset, coupled with his exceptional coaching and communication skills, empowers him to inspire and develop his sales development reps into skilled professionals who thrive in the dynamic sales landscape.